Investing In Maine’s Renewable Energy Future

The state of Maine has a bright future when it comes to renewable energy sources. Hydro power plants can provide the majority of energy for this large Northeastern state. Maine has many large bodies of waters such as lakes that can be used as reservoirs to operate hydro power plants. These reservoirs eventually return water back to the lakes and streams without leaving any toxins or pollution behind.

Solar energy is not a practical solution to Maine's energy problems. This state has a relatively cold climate with little sunshine throughout the year. It's not practical to build solar panel farms that would not even work to full capacity during the summer season.

Wind power in Maine can be harnessed on a small scale compared to hydro power. Maine's oceanfront coast can provide some great opportunities for extracting natural wind power that comes from the ocean breeze. However, building wind mills along Maine's rocky coast can be a bit of a challenge.

There is also a possible future in extracting the natural energy from the waves and tides that hit Maine's coast. Large buoys can be built to generate usable amounts of electricity to power small communities along the Maine coast.

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How Does Maine Rate By State In Energy Consumption?

If you are thinking of moving to Maine, you will be happy to know that this is one of the biggest states when it comes to energy efficiency and natural energy sources. Many people who live in this amazing state have wind power and solar panels installed on their homes so that they can conserve money and even save the environment all at the same time. If you are looking for a home in any neighborhood in Maine, you might want to look for a house that already has these things installed for you.

You will see that most homes that already have wind energy or solar panels installed are more expensive in general. However, you need to take the money that you are going to save into consideration before you make a decision against the house simply because it does not fit into the budget that you have. You will notice that it is easy for you to get a great home when you look online and research different locations to see homes for sale in each of them. Be sure to call a realtor to find out if they can show you a home that you are interested in.

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Eco-Friendly Tips The Entire Family Can Use

Eco-Friendly Tips The Entire Family Can Use

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint As A Family
Reducing the amount of energy we spend each day is a crucial fact for becoming a better Earth steward. In this way, we are paying close attention to the amount of resources we are using to live and get around. This includes paying attention to our main modes of transportation and our eating habits. You can reduce your carbon footprint by walking, taking public transportation and riding a bike. You can also make a huge impact by eating local and organic foods.

How To Recycle
Recycling plays a profound role on our society. It is the positive distinction in deciphering between what is trash versus reusable material. It is also tremendously easy to do. You can achieve success at recycling by creating extra containers in your home. This makes a drastic impact on your environmental role on the ecosystem.

How To Reuse
The objective of being eco-friendly is to conserve energy and not be wasteful. This means reusing bags for shopping and clothes for the next season. This will cut down your carbon emission use by a large amount each year.

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How To Make Your Home Green With Energy

There are a variety of ways that you can turn your home into a green one. A popular way to improve your home's energy usage is to replace your thermostat with a new programmable one. Programmable thermostats allow you to change the temperature in your home by programming these changes. For example, when no one is at home, the temperature should be lowered in the wintertime and raised during the summer months.

This will ensure that energy is not wasted when your home is empty. You can also add heavy draperies to your windows to improve their energy-efficiency. This is an inexpensive way to make a big difference. Windows and doors are the places where air is lost most. Inspect your doors and windows and insulate them with caulking or weatherstripping. This will not cost a lot of money.

You can also add glass doors to your fireplace to prevent air from escaping. A lot of people love he look of fireplaces but do not realize how much air can escape through them. Consider adding an artificial fireplace that can warm the room during the summer months. These fireplaces look great and provide an incredible amount of heat into any room.

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Bringing the Green Home

We really do have a say in how we care for the environment and how much we spend on energy. Today's energy markets are changing. In the late 1970s, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission set guidelines for the Energy in Texas of energy markets, allowing consumers greater choice in their energy suppliers. This created competition between the coal and natural gas industries, effecting rates, supplies, and the extents of mining and drilling. As prices rose, mining and drilling decreased, keeping supplies pricey and holding consumers hostage.

Energy markets are rethinking their use of natural resources and safeguarding the environment. As consumers demand more sustainable sources of energy, the markets respond and look more toward the future. Ultimately, it is the consumer who puts the green ball into play.

Energy providers can be encouraged to employ geothermal and biomass sources, and where there are options, home and business owners can choose to do business with providers who are committed to renewable energy alternatives.

We can choose power sources from a variety of options. No longer bound by "this is what you get," we are free to use solar power, wind turbines, and any combination of renewable/sustainable energy sources. We have alternatives to the gas company and the electric company. Let's look at some of the possibilities.

Solar energy is most efficient where there is abundant sun, but even lesser amounts of sun can be harvested as a profitable energy source. In a climate such as Maine's, to depend entirely on solar energy would be foolish, but to use it as an adjunct to other sources makes sense. For example, there is enough sunlight in Maine to efficiently power a hot water heater for a home or business with a small solar installation"no fossil fuels needed.

Wind turbines are an excellent source of alternate energy in the Northeast and especially in rural areas. They generate electricity, and can reduce or eliminate your need for power from the local market.

All of the well-known measures for saving energy also apply, the foremost being conservation. Simple steps such as turning off lights, powering down computers, insulating against wind and cold, and lowering the thermostat can put a noticeable dent in a power bill.

The less power we use from fossil fuel sources, the greener we become"it's a growing thing and within our grasp.

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Wind Power: A Sustainable Possibilty For Maine?

Many are aware that wind power has become a popular source of renewable energy. It is extremely renewable and sustainable and it is easy to harness its' power. Many states across the country have begun using this type of energy to power buildings, farms, factories and the like. Nevertheless, some states such as Maine are yet to fully realize just how much power they have blowing around them.

Maine is a far northeastern state and is surrounded almost entirely by ocean water. This state has an advantage in that it can use wind coming from the land and the ocean for energy. Unfortunately, not much effort has been put into increasing the wind power use until recently. As of last year only about 4.5 of the states entire energy generation was from wind power. There are only few projects underway to use wind power technology. With a state in such a perfect location for wind this number could be higher. Maine has the potential to use wind power as a sustainable source of energy for majority of their energy generation.

Promisingly the projects that have been under way have proven to be effective. Many farms are relying on wind power and have helped cut down on the use of non-renewable sources. Despite the fact that the state has faced setbacks because of lack of funding and opposed projects they have continued to press the issue still today. Given the fact that powerful winds are common in the state it is certainly a possibility that Maine could be more reliant on wind power as a sustainable energy source.

The information doesn't stop now. Keep looking: Romney Anti-Wind Stance: A Swing State Problem?

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Mainers Look To Several Sustainable Energy Alternatives

When thinking of saving money, energy saving methods should be at the top of every person's list. Energy saving alternatives has a variety of benefits. Not only can an individual save money, they can also help save the earth. These methods are not difficult to put into practice. They are practical ways that can benefit all who choose to take part.

So often we do things in our home and work spaces to block out the sun as if it were the enemy.Check out this link here. However, the sun can be used as a money and earth saving source. The sun's rays can produce enough energy that the house needs for everyday practical functions. Solar panels are great source to power your homes electrical needs. During the day, solar panels collect enough energy from the sun to power our homes electricity needs. Today there are homes being built with these panels. However, if you already have a home that does not have these solar panels, there are do-it-yourself installation kits available; or you opt to have professional installation. Either way you decide to have them installed, solar panels are a great way to help save money and protect the survival of our earth.

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10 Reasons Maine Needs To Amp Up Energy Future

In order to be prepared for the future, Maine needs to implement more energy-saving methods. Let's take a look at ten reasons why Maine should consider saving energy.

Maine's industry sector uses the most energy of any other New England state.

When it comes to transportation, motorists tend to drive fuel-burning vehicles rather than fuel-efficient ones. This causes a huge amount of gas emissions to float into the atmosphere.

As the seventh coldest state in the nation, Maine requires a large need of energy consumption.

Maine is the home of many older homes.The full explanation can be found at The lack of proper insulation causes energy usage to rise.

The health and safety of residents is a very big reason why things need to be looked at. When carbon emissions are constantly filtering the air, residents are breathing it in. This can result in respiratory illnesses, asthma, or even death.

The northern region in Maine is home to many families in poverty. They don't have the ability to properly insulate their homes or to heat with more fuel-efficient options.

Residential houses produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Most houses heat with fuel oil. This is a very inefficient option to heat and results in very high carbon dioxide emissions.

Wood is the second most used heating option. It also results in carbon emissions.

Global warming is something most people are constantly thinking about. Maine could see a loss of trees (heat source) as well as numerous other negative effects.

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Pine Tree State Looks To Add More Green Energy

Maine is working toward becoming a state well known for going "Green". This state known as the "Pine Tree State" is famous for its vast forests and provide manufactures the trees for pup, paper, cardboard and more.

Maine is doing its part to provide its citizens with the best green energy options. The state is taking measures to use the most energy efficient heating equipment. Maine is dedicated to providing the most efficient electric heat pumps and thermal storage units to residential homes and small businesses through a pilot program moving the state to green energy.

There are easy things that you can do around your house to "Go Green" and save on energy. Remember is to turn off lights when not in use around the home and use energy saving bulbs. Install toilets that use 30 less water than the average and have the "WaterSense" label. While looking at labels, look for the "Energy Star" label when purchasing electronics and appliances for additional savings. Insulate your hot water heater to prevent heat loss. You can also save energy with your dishwasher by using shorter cycles and avoid the dry cycle. Just open the dishwasher and let your dishes air-dry.

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Three Clean Energy Alternatives For The State Of Maine

Like most states, Maine has a lot of untapped clean energy sources. The Maine Citizens for Clean Energy Organization is pushing for an initiative to require that 20 percent of Maine's power come from renewable sources by the year 2020. If passed, this initiative would spur electric companies to seek out and establish more green energy sources, thereby reducing Maine's dependency on fossil fuels.

The three main sources of renewable energy available in Maine are wind power, tidal power and other hydro power sources. Currently, Maine has around nine operating wind farms and three proposed locations for new ones.

A tidal power station is also in the planning phase with a proposed location in Cobscook Bay. If successful, this tidal power station will be the first of its kind in the United States. While the ultimate goal of the tidal station is to produce electricity, careful planning and testing is being done to assure that the station does not interfere with the natural balance of the area.

Finally, there is the potential for hydro power produced in rivers. Currently Maine has around 24 hydro power stations in operation. However, these stations are not working up to their full potential and need modifications to increase their overall output. There are also 74 developed sites that have the potential for hydro power with no systems yet installed.

If Maine is able to further develop its wind and hydro power stations, then the state should have no trouble meeting its goals in 2020.

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